Pre-ordering for Belk’s bonus in August 2013

There will be a bonus time again at Belk in August 2013. Even if it has not started yet, you can pre order this bonus now.

How can you pre order the bonus?

Simply call and make your purchase over the phone. The gift will be shipped to your with your purchase. Call 601) 991-2017 Ext. 267 and askfor Kayla. The shipping will be free if your purchase is over 50 USD, otherwise it is 7 USD, I think.

What is the minimum purchase?

You have to make purchase of 26 USD.

Will the bonus be available online?

I think yes, Belk offer its bonuses almost every time on their website, as well.

The gift?

Not sure about all the products inside, but it should be exactly as it is in this picture: