Clinique bonus

Clinique Bonus can be used as great free gifts after you make your purchase. If you buy skin products on monthly or even weekly basis you should be advised that using bonuses you can save big money on all the skin care and make up products. Your beautiful look will not cost you much. Brand Clinique make regularly offers, so stay up to date and learn how you can get this free gifts. The mentioned brand defines a unique time when you can get plenty of products for free as a reward that you have bought a product from the brand before. Don’t miss this opportunity.

How much can you save and what are the free gifts and their worth? You can get from 1-8 product on your purchase, or sometime even more. Also, in many times you can directly choose which ones you want to receive. So you will not be badly surprised with a gift you don’t want to have. There is a big list of the products of the Clinique brand when you decide to take some bonus deals. You can choose some skin care products, mascaras, eye shadows and lipsticks or anything else you are interested in. You also can take the advantage if you are a man. There are plenty men’s gifts.


News for clinique bonus deals

Time for Clinique doesn’t mean that it is strictly defined period of time. It runs all year round. The news about new offers and deals you can receive directly to your email inbox. You just need to sign up for Clinique alerts. They send emails about information of upcoming deals in your area. You can also find some information in various blog or forums about health care and beauty. But being notified by emails is the most comfortable methods how to learn more about Clinique Bonus and don’t lose too much from your time.

They usually set a minimum price you have to spend in order to get some free stuff. But don’t worry this is not a big problem as the free gifts are mostly in bigger worth so you cannot lose anything. However, keep in mind that  fees as taxes or postage don’t count in to the minimal price range. Use Clinique bonus next time and you will save a lot of money on many products.

Update: 2013 was a great year for bonuses but it has ended already however I have heard that in 2014 there will be similar amount of opportunities or even more. So, ladies, prepare your bags and credit cards and lets go shopping.