Clinique Bonus Time

Clinique bonus time is a great opportunity to get your free desired products. You should be reading, because everyone can participate and the gifts you can receive are definitely worth the little time you spent with this. It also doesn’t matter the country where you live, because nowadays the brand Clinique really try to expand outside the U.S market and Canada. So it is likely that this promotional offer is also available in your area or city.


What is the Clinique Bonus Time???


It is a promotional campaign set and defined by the brand Clinique on regular basis each year. It is not only available on internet, but also you can find some stores in your city which cooperate with this company in this promotion.

During this bonus time you can receive your free gifts, but there is one little condition. You should make a purchase of Clinique products in total value of a certain amount. This amount is a minimum amount to get qualified into this promotional offer. The brand is setting the minimum amount and it also depends on country where you live.

For example. Lets say that you are from United States. The minimum price of your purchase is set to $21.50 at department and cosmetics stores. Also be advised, that this is net amount you have to pay, so no taxes or no postage. They don’t count in the min. price.

It is simple like that. The only one rule is mentioned above. You don’t have to be registered there, it doesn’t matter if you are new or existing member to get your Clinique bonus.

Now you are probably curious about what types of free gifts can you get during the Clinique Bonus Time. I am sure you will be surprised of the total value of the gifts for free. It is more the generous. The brand by this promotional champaign try to also promote their brand new products. So, it is very likely that you get a product, which is not available to buy anywhere. So you can for example put a very new lipstick on your lips and you will be very special woman in everywhere you go. Nobody would have the same. And you will be feeling very original and good as well as because the lipstick is a gift.

But now only very new products are available as a freebies. There are numerous of popular, well established favourite products. I think that every woman would be very happy to have an another tube of Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. – To maintain optimal moisture balance for very dry skins, or skins dry in the cheeks, comfortable to oily in the T-zone. Softens, smooths, improves. And the best thing about that, is that you can get it for free, as a gift.

You can choose anything you want and it will be your gift as a reward of purchasing products. The freebies portfolio can vary from bonus time to bonus time. Usually you can choose from numbers of different cosmetics so every woman should be happy after the free-shopping. The main problem will be probably to choose from many products the most important or most wanted to you. If you have already thought about which product you will take, it is not so easy when you find out that there are some very new ones. So new that nobody has ever tried it in your area, from your friends or relatives. And now you can be the first which can make you feel very special. And every woman want to be special, right?

Clinique Bonus waits for everyone who fulfil the one simple rule.  To buy a products in total value of minimal price defined by Clinique for this Clinique bonus time 2012.

Clinique surge set product


When does the Clinique Bonus time realize?

No strictly defined time frame. This promotional campaign and its dates may vary every year. It is more impossible to synchronize all the stores and shops around each country. So that’s why the bonus time lasts whole year. Now in 2012 you can get information about your free products by visiting the stores or just put your email address in the company email list and they will inform you about upcoming promotions in cosmetics stores and local department stores, as well.

To get Clinique Bonus Time notifications the following steps are for the registration in the email list:

  1. go to official website and create a free account. You will be asked to enter you email address. Be sure to enter your email correctly.
  2. click the verification link in the email from Clinique to confirm your email address
  3. check your emails regularly

or you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and be notified very quickly.

You can still use the traditional method – asking about the bonus time, but this is really time consuming and sometimes you don’t get an answer at all. Also you cannot ask in each stores in your country. So the method described above is better. Email notification will give a better picture of available free gifts in your town or area.


What to do when you receive a notification?

Read the email carefully. All requirements information should be there. However, if you haven’t bought anything yet, check the minimum purchase values so you can grab the opportunity as much as it is possible. It would be a pity if you ended up your order just below the minimum value which can secure you a free gift. For example if you are from United States remember that you should spend minimum $21.50 in stores in US and minimum of $26.50 across Canada.

If you are from other country I highly recommend you to check the price by your own. The usually vary from two to 15 dollars.

Each brand cosmetics or department store can set the price higher or lower. So you should check the min. price in advance. Follow carefully the information in the email notification and you can also make a call directly to the shop asking about the Clinique product and their minimum price you need to pay to some gifts.

Make a strategy you will follow once a new notification will be sent to you. You should thinkg about it in advance, which products you will buy and so you really take the full oportunity what Clinique bonus Time can offer you. There are hundreds of product you can choose from, so you dont need to be worry about not finding the right products or buying a product you really dont need or dont want. It is recommend to make a list of products such as makeup, creams, cleaners and other stuff you use on daily basis. So you can go to the shop confident knowing exactly what you really want as a free gift.

However, you should know that the promotional period lasts sometimes only one day, so you have only one day to get your free gifts. This is not a problem because you will be notified about it in advance so you can get ready and make the day off before it arrives.

Remember, to take the full potential of this Clinique Bonus time 2012 you should know that there is not set up time and place. You need to ask about it in your favourite stores or as I said before, you can sign up for the email newsletter notifier.


How to take the Clinique Bonus?


After entering the store you should ask if the bonus time (promotion) is available. a Clinique representative person will confirm you the fact.

Another important things you have to think about before you left you home – is to take a big bag for your free gifts. It is not so complicated task, don’t you think?

If you made the list of the products you want to get during next Clinique bonus time, don’t forget to take the list. However, it is probably more likely that you will not be following the list you have made, because during every promotional time Clinique brand provides a very new products, so maybe you wanna try something new. Such a lipstick, which nobody else have.

Maybe the most important thing is to check if the total value of your purchased product meets the set up minimal price you need to spend to qualify for free gifts in particular promotional campaign

The last task, but not the least is to use and enjoy your new products. All the products from the brand are allergy tested, so even the very new ones are really careful to your skin, so you don’t need to be worry about experiments with new products.

Clinique Bonus time is here to offer you all the advantage mentioned above or even something more. The best thing about it, that it is for free and you can consider it as a reward for your items you have bought from Clinique in the past. Just visit the store in your area during the promotional period, make a minimum purchase and get the products with your free ones. It is now, so be sure to check it out now and don’t miss this opportunity anymore.