Clinique Bonus Time at Macys in March and April 2013

The most wanted Bonus Time offer – at Macys starting these days!

So many of you (me included) have been waiting for this bonus. Clinique Bonus at Macy’s is probably the most popular one.

From yesterday – Monday March 25 is the clinique bonus active and available on official Macys website. The bonus should be also available at any Clinique counter at Macys department stores.

This year 2013 it will be a bonus bag filled with 6 products of Clinique. Bonus comes also with 2 cosmetics bags (as shown in the picture below).

pinks-violetsSpotted this spring: healthy-fresh skin, makeup in your shade choice. Free.*

Your Bonus with any Clinique purchase of $25.00 or more. A $65.00 value. Pick Pinks or Violets.

Visit your Clinique counter at Macys today and make a pre-order.


The bonus days officially start on Monday March 25th until April 14, 2013.

Clinique bonus time at Macys in March and April 2013