Clinique Bonus Time at Cos Bar July/August 2012

It is getting harder to find such a good clinique bonus like this one, nowadays. Here it is clinique bonus time at Cos Bar shops or online. This is one of the best gifts after purchase out there. Worth your time to check.

UPDATE: OFFER ALREADY SOLD OUT. Just few minutes after I post it here. Next time, girls :) I will try to find new offers soon…

This offer lasts till 4th August. However, I think it will be sold out before this date. So, there shouldn’t be any delays for your next purchase at Cos Bar.

You need just to spend 35 USD and you will get 11-piece gift. Yes, there are 11 parts of the gift. All is valued at 105 USD. This difference – 70 USD makes this bonus very attractive and one of the best. Well, this is something what we dont see too many times. Usually the worth is below the 100$ price tag. Thank you, Cos Bar for such an amazing bonus!

Also, at Cos bar website now they have a free shipping offer. So, yeah, this is the best time to make a purchase and make this offer even more attractive.

This is how it is look like:

Cosbar - giftset

Gift-set from CosBar stores

As you can see, there is almost everything what every woman needs. As usually nicely packed in a very cute purple bag which is not so big and not so small at the same time. Yes, it seems that employers in Cos Bar really know what we (ladies in U.S.) really need and want to :)

Thank you guys in this shop and I hope I will determine another bonus time soon. I will be prepared and will let my readers know, as well.

Lastly, I would like to ask you girl, if you can share your opinion about customer service, this gift, etc… in the comments below and help others, too. As stated somewhere: buyers helping buyers.

Until the next time…

Update: the next time has come and we have another Clinique bonus days at Cos bar. Just take a look at it and you can also pre-order right now. (October, 2012)