Clinique bonus time at Belk in January 2013

A second bonus time in 2013 we have in Belk stores. It is not active yet, but now (in January 2013) you can make a pre-order at Belk by calling there and you will get the bonus on February 5.

Simply make a Clinique purchase of 25 USD or more (50USD purchase will give you free shipping option) and you can get 7 piece bonus gift.

Official dates for this bonus time are February 5 – February 24, 2013.

No clinique promo code required.

Bonus time@Belk

Bonus time@Belk

Click on the picture above to find out what is included in this gift. Also, its your choice to choose from 2 variants of this bonus: Violets or Pinks.

In fact the bonus is very similar or even the same as the gift in Stage stores a few days ago.

I really doubt it will last until February 24 as officially published, so if you like this bonus, make the pre-order. Preordering is available only until the end of January 2013.