Clinique Bonus Time 2014 is right now

Clinique Bonus time 2014

Clinique Bonus time 2014 is happening right now and prepared to get you the most amazing free gifts and deals. Don’t miss this opportunity. Prepare your bag and grab all the freebies such as day creams, night cream, lipsticks, mascara and other cosmetics clinique products.


What can you get from this Clinique bonus time?

It is a promo campaign made by brand Clinique with cooperation of various stores and shops across the country. It is an opportunity for a new or even existing customers to be rewarded after purchasing some products from the brand. It really can offer good value deals and you can save a lot of money, even more if you buy this stuff on regular basis.


There are 2 types of clinique bonuses:

When a promo/offer code is required
When a minimal purchase is required

Ok, How can I participate in the bonus time?

Only one thing you have to fulfil to be rewarded. It is the same thing as previous year. As we said, you have to purchase a product or many products. Your order, however, should be higher than specified minimum value in order to qualify for the bonus time. The minimum values are set by the company.

To get the advantage of clinique bonus time 2014 promo campaign you have to make a purchase as follow:

  • Min. $21.50 in the United States – This applies to all department stores and cosmetics shops that have not set separate minimum purchase amounts.
  • $26.50 (Canadian dollars) at participating stores in Canada
  • $35 (Canadian dollars) at OgilvyMills Brothers and Holt Renfrew

If your country is not listed above, it doesn’t mean that you cannot participate in this clinique promotion offer. Actually this brand wants to expand over U.S. and Canada so they will be more than happy to offer you something in United Kingdom, as well as in other European countries or even in Porto Rico. You just need to find out which stores in your area or state are in relationship in Clinique and make some offers and deals with them.


When is the Clinique promo bonus time?

Now, in 2014. Its now. It is not set exactly date range, but it lasts all year round. So be prepared to wait, be patience and also notified of the upcoming offers in your area. The best way to be notified is directly from Clinique as they send regular email newsletters.

Using this method you don’t need to bother yourself by asking your friends or even visiting all the stores in your city. The registration is free and it takes just a few minutes. Even if you are not checking your email address every day, it doesn’t matter because they usually send emails well in advance so for example: a Clinique bonus time for May 2014 notification you will receive in April or even in March 2014.

Another way to get the news is to use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. The stores usually are very active there and communicate with their customer. It happens v

ery often that they will offer something only on the networks. So be sure to check them out, too. The old method how to receive some information about upcoming bonus time is classic way – spread a word method.

The actual time how long the particular bonus time may vary. It depends on the store and the Clinique Bonus can last for 1 or 2 months, so it is a lot of time to take your free gifts.

What are the free gifts you can get?

Free clinique Products

Maybe the most important question what everyone wants to know. In

general, the gifts are WORTH the time and effort you are going to put into this. Their value is high enough to cover 70% of the expenses you have to make by purchasing the initial Clinique products. If you havent any experience with the product from the band, I can tell you that all products are allergy tested made with top quality ingredients. This brand take a good care about the products as well as the products take good care about you.


So don’t forget to sing up for getting the updates. Check your emails. Write down when and where the Clinique bonus time 2014 will be. And, finally get ready, prepare you bag to grab the free gifts.