Bonus time on + 4% Cashback

Make any Clinique purchase on their website from 21st October 2012 and you will get this 7 piece BONUS.

Update: Now you can get instead of 4% a nice 6% cashback. Just follow the procedure below.


Update 23rd November 2012: Black Friday: Cashback is now 12%

Update: After black Friday offer is casback again 6%.


Make any purchase on website via Ebates (you must register there and follow the link and then make the purchase on clinique online shop) and you will get 12% of your order back on Ebates account. From Ebates you can ask for a check or use PayPal to get the 12%.

For more info follow the tutorial below. Although the pictures shows only 4% (they are from September) the cashback is now 12%.


This online exclusive Bonus ($65 value) is available with any $23.50 purchase. If you make a purchase over $50 you will also receive FREE Shopping, too. Every bonus includes:

Clinique bonus gift set on

Clinique bonus gift set on

  1. Cosmetic Bag
  2. Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
  3. 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula
  4. Clinique Colour Compact
  5. Quickliner For Eyes Intense
  6. Almost Lipstick in Black Honey
  7. Lash Doubling Mascara in Black

Moreover, you can select your shade from these two:

Clinique shades to choose from

Clinique shades to choose from

And, you can also get a nice 4.0 % Cashback from your order. The cashback will be credited automatically into your PayPal account or you can also select Check as a payment method from Ebates. Ebates is a third-party reliable cashback company.


Please, follow this tutorial to get the cashback:

1. First, you need to create an account on Ebates. It is very easy and it takes only 15 seconds. Plus, now you will get $5 as a bonus just for joining the Ebates. To withdraw this bonus money you must make purchases totalling at least $25 by 12/31/2012. So, it is better to follow this min. purchase limit rather than the Clinique $23.50 to get an extra 5 USD.

2. Find Clinique 4% Cashback deal on the Ebates website.

Find Clinique offers on Ebates

3. Select the first option below. (Clinique Bonus is here! Get your Free 7-piece Bonus with any $23.50+ order)

Select this option to get the cashback and GWP

It will take you to the Clinique homepage with the GWP offer and cashback. Clinique bonus picture should be shown on the homepage or in the “offers” section in the top-menu.

4. Done. You are on the way to get the 4% Cashback. The cashback will be credited 2-3 days after you complete your order on Clinique. Dont forget to update your PP or check details on “Cash Back Method” section in your Ebates account.

You are about to make a purchase on Clinique with Cashback now.

You are about to make a purchase on Clinique with Cashback now.


Once you have an active account with Ebates you can enjoy getting cashbacks from Nordstrom, Macys (now they have 6% casback), Sears (6%) and many other stores.

Good luck.