When and where will be the next bonus?

Unfortunately, this website is no longer updated.

However, you can visit this Facebook page with over 50.000 followers where they shares the upcoming information about every Clinique bonus in USA, Canada, UK/Ireland and sometimes also in Australia.

Facebook page of Clinique bonus

 The past offers:

  • Also Belk offers its own Clinique bonus. Check it out, while supplies last.
  • There will be soon a bonus time at Nordstrom – starting November 5th, 2013.
  • For UK residents: House of Fraser starts Clinique promotions from November 1st. In-stores only.
  • Macys bonus time starts soon – at October 8th. The minimum purchase should remain the same – 25 USD and the gift will be very nice and handy. I will post about this later.
  • Also Bloomingdales and its beauty event is a good promo time. You can get Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique GWP. I have posted about the Clinique GWP.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue offers Clinique gift with 65 USD purchase. The purchase amount is a little bit higher, but the gift seems very nice. Look at the photo.
  • Pre-ordering for the Belk Bonus gift has started! Secure your own gift now. Yours with 26 USD purchase.
  • Starting soon – April 4th there is a Bonus gift-set at Harrods in United Kingdom. In-store only.
  • Also you can still make a purchase and get a gift at Cos Bar – Available until March 9. Make a purchase of 35 USD and the gift will be valued at 65 USD.
  • If you are from United Kingdom, visit your John Lewis store and the Clinique counter there for a 6pc gift with purchase. The last day for this promotion is March 9, 2013.

Again, after very successful bonus time few days ago at the Stages stores there is another bonus (different one) at the same department stores – Stage stores. Offer available online, while supplies last.

Probably the best deal ever comes from Australia: A Gift time when you will go home with 10pc-gwp set. Valued at $158.

Stage Stores – Bealls – Starting from today – January 8, 2013 – Bonus gift (65USD) yours with any Clinique purchase (25.00USD). Gift contains 6 Clinique products and one cute cosmetic bag.While supplies last. Now expired.

January/February 2013 – Not confirmed yet, but I do think at the end of this month there will be bonus time at Belk. Here you can see the latest one in this department store to get a better picture about it.


 History of bonuses

You can find Clinique promotions as they were announced in 2013 here. Many of the bonus times will be happing in the same month as it was in 2013. However, no one really know when and where will be the next one. Especially, staff in Belk is not informative at all!


Something special:

To get even more, not only the bonus set for free you can use Cashbacks sites (for example Ebates) to get 6% cashback while shopping on Clinique.com website. The cashback will be paid directly on your PayPal account. See my tutorial how to use ebates to get cashback from Clinique.

I will be posting about each bonus soon. So, stay tuned and be sure to like us on Facebook webpage www.facebook.com/cliniquebonustimefreegifts and get updates very quickly

You will be notified every time when a new deal or new promo code will be released. You can also follow me on Twitter or Pinterest or Find us on Google+ and be informed very quickly.


And this is how it looks like…


isn’t the bag cute? :)




When is the next Clinique bonus time in 2014?

Clinique Bonus Period 2013 has been already ended. However, starting with the new year there are another promotions available. People love Bonus Time, it has been a very popular and favourited even during the past years. Its great period to discover what’s new in Clinique, trying new products and getting free gifts, as well.

The good news is that there is no specific date range when you can get the products. It is happening all year round. This is the most important information when you want to get your clinique products you have just run out. All you have to need to know is when exactly and which store in your city will take part in it.

To find it out you can use method – door to door and ask about it in each store you visit. But this is really time consuming method. Do not worry, there is better solution how to get the information. You can sign up for an email alerts from Clinique.com for free and you will be notified directly into your mail box. Update: it looks that the email alerts aren’t working. Not only for me but other friends complained about this service from Clinique.


Clinique bonus – explanation

I have created this video for you for better understanding. However, I am talking there about notification sent by Clinique website. This service was quite good in the past, but now they don’t send alerts any more. At least it doesn’t work for me.



The important thing to notice is that there are some minimum amounts. So it means that you can get a free gift from Clinique after you buy something over a minimum amount. These amount can vary from time to time. Various brands set various minimum amounts.

For Example:


  • minimum of $21.50 at department and cosmetics stores in the United States
  • minimum of $50 at Bergdorf Goodman store
  • minimum of $25 at Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s
  • minimum of $35 at Sacks Fifth Avenue
  • and minimum of $26.50 across Canada
  • minimum purchase of 2 products at Voisins Jersey in United Kingdom to get 6-pieces Clinique gift

Keep in mind that only prices for product counts in the minimum price. Not other charges as shipping or tax. But don’t worry. The total value of the free products is higher than you have to paid to get the freebies. So it is still worth a try.

Haven’t you ever tried it before?

estee_lauder-brandsMaybe you are totally new and even haven’t heard about these kind of promotions. Or even you are so new that you don’t know Clinique cosmetic brand at all. If you are one of that people and you are willing to know briefly the history of this company which was launched back in 1968 keep reading. Clinique /klɨˈniːk/ as brand name was created by Evelyn Lauder. Yes, she has something in common with Estée Lauder, she was her daughter-in-law. Clinique was the 3rd company founded in the group of Lauder family.

Within less than one year – in 1968 Clinique released its first allergy tested product (first product in the world, as well) and premiered it at Saks Fifth Avenue. Evelyn with her team of chemists and dermatologist (Carol Phillips, Dr. Norman Orentreich) continued with developing another skin care products which will be able to fix skin care problems of every type of woman’s skin.

New Three (3) Step skin care Solution

3-step-skin-care-systemClinique developed this unique 3-step skin care system as the first company.

It contains of cleaning, ex-foliating and moisturizing. If you do all those 3 tasks every day, on regular basis, there is a bigger chance that you will not have the usual skin care problems as you had. Firstly, your skin (your skin pores especially) must be cleaned which is the first step. Then in the second step, with exfoaliating you can remove dead surface of your skin. And finally, in the 3rd step using moistuirzing products your skin will be protected from further damage.

This product hydrates and keeps your skin soft. Do this every day, not just from time to time and your skin should look much more attractive.

Various Clinique products

In Skin care category Clinique is one of the leader on this particular market. Its Cleansers & Makeup Removers as well as Moisturizers and Eye & Lip Care products are very popular and favourites. Besides these products you can buy almost every kind of Makeup (Face, Eyes, Lips, Trends) anything from Lipsticks, Mascaras, Eye Liner or Foundation. Don’t forget that all those products are allergy tested. In the last time very popular is the anti-aging solutions by Clinique as people take care of their skin more and more.


Clinique Bonus Period

A Time for Bonus from Clinique is a period which every woman is looking for during whole year. They are waiting eagerly for this sale promotion. Only during this season you can grab the gifts. Shopper has to qualify by purchasing a specified amount or/and specified Clinique products. Then the customer is eligible for almost double reward – bonus gift. However, quantities are limited.

Many Clinique lovers are often disappointed that they cant get the favourites during Clinique gift with purchase. There is bigger demand than the supply, so the free gifts are available only for limited time. However, good news is that Clinique Bonus in 2014 will be happening even more regularly than the previous one. The new gifts with purchase, new products as well as the bonus gifts will be available during the next Bonus Time.

Clinique Bonus Time 2013

People are used from the last year of 2013 getting huge products for free. There were available 7-piece, 8-piece or even 10-piece gift sets (in Australia) last year fulfilled with quality products.

  • Some months ago, in August 2013 one of the free gift was Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser. Customers were able to get this products absolutely for free within their Bonus Gift set at Boots. With no minimal purchase (only purchasing 2 Clinique products requirement) you could get 7-piece gift includes as well as Dramatically different Moisturizing Lotion or High Impact Mascara in Black or favourite Moisturizing Gloss.
  • Another Clinique products were available during December 2013 at Lord and Taylor. At this department store Clinique promotes products on regular basis. The last time you could get 8-piece gift set with $30 purchase. Gifts contained for example: Take the Day Off Makeup Remover or Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle nicely packed in two cosmetics bags. Also, you could choose from 2 variants of the gift: Radiant Nudes or Party Pinks.
  • Neiman Marcus offered a 7-piece gift without any promo code. Minimum required purchase $75 and a customer will get favourite Clinique Happy bottle. Everyone could get this bonus as it was available also online with $75 purchase.
  • Not so popular bonus but definitely worth a try was in August at Terry White Chemists and pharmacies. With a $60 purchase, while stock last you are eligible for a 7piece gift filled with All about eyes serum De-puffing Eye Massage, Sparkle skin body exfoliating cream, Liquid facial soap normal to dry and many more. As always, packed in a handy cosmetic cute bag.
  • Bentalls and Fenwick bonus dates for customer in United Kingdom (UK) were available within 2 products purchase online or in-store. Bonus Gift included: Youth surge SPF 15 age decelerating moisturizer, All about eyes, Rinse off foaming Cleanser, Deep comfort body wash, Square compact with blushing blush powder blush in iced lotus, Chubby stick and Large flip-down wash bag. Most of the items are in promotional size. Offer no longer available.

New opportunities, 2014

  • Lash Doubling Mascara in Black available for free in 2014 at Belk stores. Especially use this one for bigger and better lashes. It can help you to make your lashes look more attractive – up to twice their size.
  • New Blushwear cream stick – for the most natural looking blush use just the two finger rule and you will see a nice results of natural fresh glow of you cheeks.
  • A classic Superpower double face makup is just an another amazing product combined of powder and foundation. The best results you will get after applying your regular 3-Step Skin Care System.
  • In Spring 2014 we can take a detailed look on Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which will be available as a new Clinique product in the next few upcoming months.
  • Probably even before the next Bonus Time in 2014 will be realeased a new Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator.
  • New Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup. Why just a covering when you can actually clear your skin-acne? With this Clinique new products your acne and other skin care problems should be looking for natural. It helps treat existing breakouts and keep them from coming back. Hopefully available soon in Bonus gift 2014.
  • New De-Puffin Eye Massage. A special instantly cooling rollerball helps massage away bags, brightens and refreshes on contact. 2014 release should be even better.

Clinique.co.uk: “New customised formulas from our guiding dermatologists.”


Clinique products

Clinique Bonus Time 2014 is about to come with amazing deals and new products for Clinique customers. Maybe you are upset from the past of any other Clinique Bonus Gifts because you missed it (yes, they are running out so quickly) but here is the next season. Therefore, be informed for any new free gift so you can be the first who will know about its happening and qualify (make a pre-order) to secure it and avoid missing Clinique Bonus Time.

If you still don’t know when and where to purchase to be eligible for Bonus Time be sure to visit this page. I update and inform about each promotion so it is almost impossible to miss it.